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Y5 Owlets

Welcome to Owlets. We are a small, but very inquisitive group of 14 year 5 children. We are taught Maths and English by Mr Simpson each morning, assisted by Mrs Pinnington.  Then in the afternoons we join the year 6 pupils for our wider curriculum. These lessons are taught by Mrs Cast, Mrs Heyworth and Mr Simpson. 


You will find an outline of the plans for each term at the bottom of this page, please be aware that we do venture ‘off piste’ from time to time, particularly if the children show a real interest in a topic area. The plans are carefully thought out to try and vary coverage as well as learning styles.  Books and novels have been chosen to engage the children and hopefully instil a passion for reading and expanding their knowledge of the wider world. 


Each child has a combined homework diary and reading record which they are expected to utilise to help develop their independence.  In upper key stage 2, in addition to teaching the curriculum, we endeavour to prepare the pupils for the move to secondary school.  They are expected to manage their homework alongside any other commitments they may have.  


We would ask that you encourage your child to read every day and ask them questions about what they are reading.  In addition regular use of the Times Tables Rockstars site, ideally 3 times a week will benefit your child in Maths lessons, especially over the next half term as we delve further into multiplication, division, fractions and percentages.


In terms of homework, Maths will be set on Tuesday to be handed in on Monday.  Spellings also set Tuesday to be tested on Friday, these will be in your child’s reading record. Reading journals are due each Thursday, these offer a variety of ways for your child to demonstrate their understanding of what they have been reading. Other pieces of work may be set as and when deemed beneficial.  Children are expected to read daily for at least 10 minutes (noting what they have read and any new vocabulary in their reading record) and also to practice their times tables at least 3 times a week.


If you would like to find out more then please ask away