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What did we do in the Spring Terms?

The Easter Story - the finale to our walk


The children can tell the Easter Story from their egg (tomb). Have a look at what each of the items represent. 

We love nursery rhymes - they help us with our Phase 1 phonics in Pre School. We have been finding rhyming words and creating silly alliterations. 
Something 'egg'citing happened in class today.  Before we came to school, some Easter eggs with special chicks inside hatched in our classroom.  The children really wanted them to come back so they drew them lots of pictures and wrote them lots of messages and letters.  


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Egg Decorating

The Rabbits children worked hard to decorate their eggstra special creations.  They were very proud of their finished designs.  

We had visitors...

Thank you to the Redmayne family for bringing in our cute and fluffy visitors. We loved seeing chicks first hand and finding lots of information about them from Abigail. Some of us felt a bit scared and that’s okay. When we found out more about them, we got a bit braver and if we wanted to we got to look at them, stroke them, hold them and feed them.  🐣🐥🐤❤️

Some of our Pre School children retold the story (or parts of the story) of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It can make you a bit star struck being filmed but we are adding an IPAD to the small world area in the continuous provision so the children can record each other. 


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Happy Birthday. One of our pre schoolers celebrated their birthday at the weekend and kindly brought in a birthday cake to share with his friends today. We were very lucky to try a CATERPILLAR cake after reading all about ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ this week. 
Guess Who?
After reading the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', the children observed how the Caterpillar changed as it aged. They also wondered what they would look like when they got older. To have some fun, we used the IPADs to create older versions of ourselves. The children were good at safely selecting the correct APP, taking a photograph, lining the face up to thto on screen marks and waiting to have a giggle. They used the iPad confidently and safely.  Children observed that they might get 'wrinkles', 'get grey hair' and 'get dry skin'. 
Retelling the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'


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What a lovely phonetically written list about what the hungry caterpillar has eaten.  








icecream cone



Will it balance?  Using mathematical language to compare the weight of fruit our Hungry Caterpillar might have eaten  

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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Using story language to recreate the story
Some examples of Reception's measuring homework...well done! You were not 'short' of ideas. 
Rugbytots was great fun again this week. We had to show speed, control and coordination. Especially when playing dodgeball!
Happy 4th Birthday!  Thank you for sharing your cake with us. We hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday. 

Mad Science Assembly - March 2018

WARNING: Do not try any of these experiments at home 

The children loved their Mad Science Assembly presented by Explosive Erica. The children learned about discoveries and inventions. 


Explosive Erica explained the safety rules before showing us some fantastic science work. 


Ask your children about Eggbert the egg and how Erica made him fit in his house!  (Inspired by Jack Charles who made a discovery about air). 




We learned about acids and alkalis, including those that we may come across at home including vinegar and toothpaste. We also saw some that we didn’t know about. 


Robert Boyle discovered that a red cabbage could be an indicator and show the difference between an acid and alkali. Look how the indicator was made...


(Your kids will love red cabbage now!)


When an acid was put in the cabbage water it made the water go lighter. When an alkali was out in the cabbage water it made the water go darker. 

These older children joined Explosive Erica on her boat. 


With the help of Archimedes screw, they helped take the water from one ‘leaky boat’ to ‘the ocean’. What a great invention!

The children learned about electrodes after hearing about the work of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. They saw how the electrons travel to the biggest thing they can find. The electrons even travelled through children!  Lightbulbs can be amazing!

Did you know...Dr Walter Snelling found out that the fuel was turning into a gas and evaporated away. He 5en invented a gas canister which contained liquid butane gas inside. This meant we. Outdoors use the gas without it disappearing. 


Explosive Erica!

After reading the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, we planted our own beans. The children have been making observations of their beans as they grow. I wonder whose bean plant will grow the tallest?
The oldest person is the tallest and the youngest person is the shortest...or is that not correct?

Fun in the snow!

Thanks for a great Show and Tell you two. We loved seeing your toys from home and wanted to keep them ourselves hehe. 
Thanks to one of our Reception children who brought in a magic box containing a powder to make...snow! We kept the snowy weather going and the children have enjoyed playing with the animals in the snow brrr!
We loved our two Show and Tell talks, including a big ‘Chip’ from Beauty and the Beast containing alsorts of costumes. Then we had a talk about a magic pen oooooooo.
Happy 5th birthday. Thank you for sharing your cake with us and your chocolate bars. Yum yum!

The children have loved taking part in the Icycle balance bike days this week. Thanks to our instructor Miles who helped us learn how to use our bodies with a catchy tune. 


As teachers, watching the children go from their starting points and progressing over the sessions has been amazing and made us smile so much!

For more photographs of our ICycle Balance Bike sessions, take a look using the link below on our PE pages.  
The EYFS children enjoyed a visit from their buddies. They listened to stories and had lots of fun. 
First day back and we started our Rugby tots sessions with coach John. The children did really well and learned some new skills including how to hold and pass a Rugby ball both forwards and backwards, how to stand up cones using just their feet and how to build a rocket!
Happy New Year.  We hope you have had a wonderful break for the Christmas Holidays.  Thank you so much for all of our lovely presents, they were very much appreciated.  We can't wait to have lots of fun this Half Term with our Rabbits & Bunnies.  See you next week!