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Super Summer 1

Try it out Tuesday began with a netball session hosted by coaches from the Ribble Valley Netball Team. From playing ball games, warm ups and team games to ending with an amazing game of real netball. Who would have thought Reception would have made such good netball players at such a young age?!

We started off our Sports and Healthy Living Week with our 'Jump to it!' skipping workshop.  George, the coach, was incredibly proud of how much the children persevered.  They remembered to skip on their tip toes, step over the rope to get it behind them (so they don't hurt anybody else) and keep on trying even when they got stuck! 

We had two fantastic Show and Tells this afternoon.  We found out about so many different things. Thanks girls!
Happy 5th Birthday! 🎉 
Fun in the sun - let's hope the sun stays out all term. 
Oh no! Evil Pea must be on the loose - look what he has done to these vegetables! The children have written some speech bubbles with what the vegetables are saying. 
3.5.17 - We were lucky enough to be visited by Mrs Redmayne and some  of her little chicks. The children looked at the chicks, got to stroke and hold them and watched them have a drink of water.  Some of the children asked Mrs Redmayne some questions which helped us to learn more about them. Thank you Mrs Redmayne! 
28.04.17 - After reading the story of 'Supertato', the children turned into Evil Peas and made and tasted mashed potato. They were able to learn how to use the peeler safely, use their muscles when mashing and even add a bit of grated cheese to give it a bit of extra flavour. The good news is, is that the children soon transformed into Supertatooooooo and made some jelly to capture Evil Pea. They discussed the water when it was boiling, observed he changes to the jelly mixture as it dissolved in the water, saw some more changes to the jelly afternoon it has been refrigerated and finally got to taste the jelly!