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Sports Ambassadors and Sports Council

Balderstone's Sports Council 2020/21


Class Representative



Owls (Y5/6)



Foxes ( Y3/4)



Squirrels (Y1/2)

To be appointed in the Summer Term

Rabbits (YR)

To be appointed in the Summer Term


Our Sports Ambassadors for 2020/21

Meet Maxwell

My name is Maxwell Parkinson and I am really pleased to be your sports ambassador.

Being the schools’ sports ambassador was something I wanted to do from being in year one. I am really passionate about keeping healthy and I have a real love for all sports especially football. The most important role for me as sports ambassador is to pass on my love of sports to all the younger children in school and hopefully there will be someone in year one who looks up to me and thinks ‘I want to be sports ambassador when I’m in year 6’

I know it will be difficult this year to carry out this role as much as what I would like to with all the covid restrictions but I will do my best to work with Mrs Heyworth and Anah to make it a fun sporting year.


Throughout my time at Balderstone I have been part the following teams:

Football, Gymnastics, Swimming, Athletics, Hockey, Orienteering, Cross country and kurling.

During all of these events I have been a team player, encouraging my team mates to do their best and support each other.


Meet Anah  

I am so happy I have got chosen as sports ambassador because I love sports and want everyone to feel the way I do. My hopes for this year are to start trying to get better at football because it looks fun. My favourite sports and ones that I am good at are horse riding, netball and parts of athletics. Not only is horse riding a sport and healthy for you, but it is also to have a connection with horses and that is one reason why I love it. One of the reasons why I love netball because, let me say I am not the best at it but it helps my confidence with the ball as I used to shut my eyes and be scared but, now anyone can throw a ball at me out of the blue and I am able to catch it.