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School Sports Awards

School Sports Cup


This trophy is awarded at the end of each Academic Year to children who have consistently showed great sportsmanship and have a sporting talent. These children usually contribute in a positive way to our school sports and strive to inspire others.

2019 Sports Cup Winner

2019 Sports Cup Winner 1
Date Winner Year
2019 Robert ( Rugby & Gymnastics) 5
2018 Harry Redmayne ( All rounder) 6
2017 Kate Cookson (Athletics) 6
2016 Tom Foster (Rugby) & Amie Gregson (Netball) 6
2015 Harry Singh (Cricket) 6
2014 Tom Midgley (Football) 6
2013 Josh Stamford ( Cricket) 6
2012 Anjalie Singh (Cricket) 5
2011 Hannah Cookson (Athletics) 5
2010 Eleanor Stirrup 6


Sports Awards 2019

Sports Awards 2019 1

School Sports Awards 2019


Once again, we have had some very talented and determined sports people in school. We are proud of the contributions they have made; their involvement, participation and progress


Award Children
Participation in School Sports Award

James R, Ellis, Tara G , Saher , Aalisha

Progress Award Max


Sporting Values Awards


Awarded to children who have strived to show great sportsmanship in all physical activities. Children collect recognition awards for displaying each of the 6 sporting values:

Determination, Honesty, Respect, Self Belief, Passion and Teamwork.

When they have shown all six values, we celebrate their sporting success.


Summer Term 2018 Sporting Values Award Winners

Summer Term 2018 Sporting Values Award Winners 1
Picture 1