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Respect and Tolerance for others

Interfaith week

3rd July 2017


We welcomed 4 different visitors to school to talk about their faith:

Kash- Sikhism

Anwar- Islam

Charles- Judaism

Mrs Pandya- Hinduism


They each shared their beliefs and customs with us


Each of them gave us this fundamental message:


There is only one God.

All people should be treated with love and respect.

We may be different on the outside but we all share these values.



Learning about Blackburn 'Arc' Centre


Aderyn joined our Salt and Light group at lunchtime today to help us learn about one of our community charities the Blackburn Asylum and Refugee centre.  She told us about the experiences of the refugees coming to this area and we learned about the processes involved in seeking asylum and refuge.  She also shared with us the ways in which the volunteers try to build trust and respect with the individuals and families that use the centre. Many of our children, through the links to our church, have volunteered at the centre and helped run events at Christmas.  We have started our new fundraising for the ARC and are collecting pans and toys that are needed to distribute to the families.  Our Salt children are going to be leading worship to share their experiences with the other classes.