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Religious Education

As home work, the children were asked to research or explain about the five Pillars of Islam.  The children have been extremely creative producing amazing posters full of information and Power Points.  Here are a few below.  If you visit Fox class, ask us questions about the five pillars to test our new learning/understanding.

Pillars of Islam Homework video

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Sikhism and Buddhsim Home Work - Sikhism Things to think about. What do the Sikhs believe the way to live a good life is? Do you agree with these rules? Why? Why not? Are there any similarities to Christianity or your own faith? How many commandments do Sikhs have? What are the 5k’s? What is Langar? Or Buddhism Things to think about How do Buddhists live their lives? What are the five precepts? What is the eight-fold path? What is similar/different to Christianity or your own faith?