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'Every athlete exercises self control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we are an imperishable'. ( 1 Corinthians 9:25) 


Our Vision for PE:

'To foster a love of learning through enthusiastic participation in a safe environment, so that we are all confident, active and healthy.'



Following a parental questionnaire in June 2017, we received some extremely positive comments about PE and School Sport at Balderstone St Leonard's. We appreciate all your opinions and contributions. Thank you.

"I feel there are a lot of opportunities to take part in a wide variety of sports at our school."


School has always provided a wide range of sports for PE lessons as well as clubs. They have encouraged children to try new things by calling in outside sports agencies. There is always a lot of positive re-enforcement. "


"Provision for the older children is excellent"


"The sporting support and club provision is extremely positive. Really encourages pupils to do their best."


"It is good how the school is offering more sports clubs"


"I think the school do a lot of sports and its good. The children love to get involved"

"Sports and health week was really good. * loved it."


"School already provide a lot of clubs"


"I think a lot of effort goes into providing a variety of sports and encouraging all round health."


"* enjoys PE lessons. He particularly enjoys the apparatus and teamwork activities"


" Good Fun"


"It’s good that the school is offering different sports activities"


" I think the school provides lots of opportunities for playing sport."


" * really enjoys PE and would like to join other sporting activities"


"There is a wide selection of sports/clubs available to children at our school."



" There are lots of opportunities for children. Robin wood and the Anderton Centre provide lots of new activities which is really good."


"Like the fact that highly qualified coaches are employed"


"Like the whole school approach e.g. skipping"


" I like the reporting of sports on twitter/ website"


" Indoor gym equipment is excellent"


" School is keen to gain feedback and involve the children in making choices"


" I can see the school trying their best to introduce new sports."


"* has enjoyed Jujitsu cases, early on Wednesday, which is good to prevent clashes with other outside clubs".




2015 Responses:

"The school offers a variety of sports, which is good. I don't believe there are areas of development"

"As a small school, I think we do pretty well in terms of sport"

"I like the enthusiasm shown by everyone"

"...enjoys the range of sports offered. Great that outside experts are used as well as in-school specialists. Like the fact that children of all abilities are picked to represent the school!"

"Netball..sessions are well organised..."

"... good selection of after school/extra curricular activities"

"Varied and the pupil is given a variety of sports to try"

PE and School Sport Policy June 2018

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