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School Organisation​​​​​​​

School Year 2022/23


8.30 to 8.40am

Busy Bees Breakfast club

Classroom preparation and Staff Briefing (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Specific children invited for additional intervention from 8.30am



Doors open and the school day begins


The outside doors to school will close at 8.50 am. Any children arriving after this time will need to enter via the office and will be marked as late

8.45 to 9.25am

Reading workshop session 

9.25 to 9.45am


Phonics/Grammar, punctuation and spelling session KS2

Whole school worship 

10.00 to 11.20

Maths fluency                       (Break and toast time flexibly taken by whole class)

11.20 to 12.00

Writing session.  (WOW write on Wednesday)

12.00 to 1.00 Lunch. (prayer space open)

1.00 to 3.10

Afternoon lessons


End of the school day

3.10 to 4.15

After school extracurricular clubs

Busy Bees club till 5.45pm