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Meet the Governors

Balderstone St Leonard's Church of England Primary School
Governing Body 2022/23

Full name

Date of


Term of


Date stepped




Emma James


11th October 2020 4 years   LCC
Louise Dixon 13th October 2019 4 years   Foundation Governor - PCC
Yasmin Riaz 2nd March 2021 4 years   Parent Governor
Jonathan Greenwood 10th March 2020 4 years  

Foundation Governor

Blackburn Diocese

Ryan Dixon 24th August 2021 4 years  

Foundation Governor - PCC

Sara Seedall

(vice chair)

22nd February 2021

4 years


Foundation Governor - PCC

Rosemary Cummings 5th July 2021 4 years   EX officio
John Evans 5th July 2021 4 years   Foundation Governor - PCC
Janet Smith October 2022 4 years   Parent Governor 
Scott Foster

22nd December 2018

Form for re election completed

4 years


Foundation Governor - PCC

Janet Lever 22nd May 2019 4 years  

Foundation Governor 

Blackburn Diocese

Dawn Burton 10th March 2020 4 years   Staff Governor
Victoria Gow 1st September 2023 4 years   Head teacher
Angela Johnstone Invited adviser     School Business Manager
Nicola Draycott 1st September 2022 4 years  


Deputy Head teacher

Diversity data at Balderstone

Having a diverse and representative governing body is an important part of our mission at Balderstone. Our governing body aims to represent all members of our school family.  

Male  4 Female 10
Age Group  
26-35 years old.      0 36-45 years old.  4
46 - 55 years old.    5 56-65 years old.  3
66 years +   2  
Disability status  
Registered disabled.  0 Not registered disabled  14
White British.  13 British Pakistani.  1
Nationality United Kingdom 14

Committees Of The Governing Body

Committee Title Remit Membership
Quality of Education 

Review school data.

Review the profile of teaching in school.

Pupil Premium strategy.

Challenge and support the Head teacher in

setting challenging targets and maintaining high standards.

Ms. James

Mrs. Seedall

Mr. Foster

Mrs. Dixon

Mrs. Gow


Finance and Staffing

Strategic overview of school budget and budget setting.

Review school balances and spending.

Recruitment and retention.

School's financial value statement.

Ms. James

Mrs. Seedall

Mrs. Riaz

Mrs. Johnstone (SBM)

Mrs Gow

Building, Health and Safety

School buildings and building projects.

Health and safety policy and monitoring.

Accident monitoring.

Mrs. Burton

Mr. Dixon

Mr, Evans

Mr. Foster

Mrs Gow

Curriculum, Church and Community

Pupils, well being and attendance.


Curriculum policies.

Church and community links

Mr. Greenwood.

Mrs. Dixon.

Mrs. Cummins

Mrs. Leaver

Mrs. Riaz

Mrs. Gow


Nominated Governors

MS. James




Mr. Foster

Training Link Governor


Mrs. Dixon



Mrs. Burton Early Years.
Mr. Greenwood

Computing and online safety.

Able, Gifted and Talented.


Mrs. Cummings

Well being, pupils and staff.

PSHE. Sex and relationship education

RE and worship.

Mrs. Seedall



Year Group Governors

At Balderstone, we also have governors assigned to Year Groups.

The Year Group Governor will take a special interest in their Year Group and follow them through school.

They may be invited to special events and school visits with their Year Group.

Year Group Governor
EYFS Mrs. Seeedall
Year 1 Mrs. Cummings
Year 2 Ms. Riaz
Year 3 Ms, James
Year 4 Mr. Foster
Year 5 Mr. Greenwood
Year 6 Mr. Evans