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How to keep ourselves safe - Fire, Fire!



Keeping Safe with the Fire Brigade!


Today the fire brigade came to school to see Squirrel class. They showed us a video and talked to us about what to do in a fire. The children learned that it is important to have a working smoke detector in their homes and also a fire plan with their parents/guardian, so they know what to do in the rare case of there being a fire. After this,  the children practiced what to do if there is a fire in the night by; checking the door to make sure it is not hot and there’s no fire behind it, crawling on the floor and shouting mum and dad, and finally they escaped the house. The children also learned that we should leave any pets or other items in the house as the fire brigade will get them out. Most importantly the children learned that we need to ring 999 if there is a fire and ask for the fire brigade.

Groovy squirrels

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Here we are enjoying our first dance session this afternoon.

Eggstra special science investigations


Today we planned and carried out an investigation into the very best material to protect our penguin egg.  We look closely at the properties of the different materials - flexibility, waterproofing, insulating and then thought about how we could test each material to protect our real eggs!  (no real penguins were harmed in this experiment!)


We really had fun working out how to keep the test fair and how to make sure we gave each material a fair chance to protect the egg.  Here we are enjoying our 'eggsperiment'.  Cotton wool, wool and bubble wrap were our winners!

Look who we found flying around our room....

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This morning we discovered a new member of Squirrel class! Soaring over our tables, Mrs Gow managed to capture a quick video snippet of a 'dragon' - yes, a dragon- flying around our room. We thought it might be a snow dragon brought in with our new class igloo, but we decided it might be visiting because we are reading about the Space-bat-angel-dragon in 'The Iron Man'. Whatever, his reason for visiting we were certainly excited and we have all written some amazing descriptions of our own dragons. Look out for daily tweets with lines from our stories.

We're going on a bear hunt...

Where is Balderstone bear?


Squirrel class went hunting for Balderstone bear today.  We had heard that Balderstone bear had not been seen for a while, so we went out into the school grounds to see if we could find him.  We found lots of clues and had to use our senses to find the matching pictures. We did find Balderstone by our friendship bench.  Perhaps he's feeling like he needs a bit more attention.  Watch this space for our stories....

Paddington comes to visit Squirrel class