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On our Parliament day we learnt about the way in which our government works. We learnt about how members of Parliament belong to different political parties and how they have to campaign to be elected. We made our own political parties and wrote our own manifestos.


These included campaigns for:



more technology

more choice in learning

outdoor learning

extended playtimes

child centred learning

the chance to learn different life skills


We voted for the ideas we liked best.

We also learnt about how debates are carried out in the House of Commons and how parliamentary bills have to be passed by her majesty the Queen.



Learning about Parliament.

Democracy and Parliament day September 27th


Our junior children had a visit today from Rachel Dodgson.  Rachel works for parliament and came into school to explore how democracy works in our country.  The children enjoyed a very informative assembly and then took part in their own mini-election and debate (just like the House of Commons).  We now have a much better understanding of how democracy works in action and how important it is to vote.

School council elections


This week we have elected our new school council.  Mrs Burton explained how we make sure the whole process of nominations, manifestos and voting are done democratically.  Every child in school had a chance to vote in our secret ballot and we are proud to announce that we now have a new school council to help us make important decisions about our school.  Well done to all our candidates.

The Election Process


Squirrel class learned all about the election process this week when we held our class elections for our Sports Ambassadors.  Our candidates put forward their manifesto pledges to the class in a short presentation and then our voters could ask questions about their policies.  Then we held a secret ballot, ensuring the process was fair and 'just'.  We thought about how our voting system in the UK was democratic. Our ballot results were carefully counted and even resulted in a second round of voting as our initial polls were tied! The candidates accepted the results maturely as they could see the process had been done fairly.  Congratulations to our  new ambassadors and well done to all our enthusiastic candidates and voters.