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Has your child ever been to a Fire/Police Station Open Day (or any other!).  Have you got a photograph of them in an emergency vehicle?  Please send them to school if you would like.
Does your child know the difference between what is an emergency or not?  Do they know how to deal with it?  Children are never too young to be taught the skills to be confident in an emergency situation.
The children enjoyed making noodles to end our Chinese New Year celebrations. They were quite slippery to get hold of but the children amazed us by how well they could use their chopsticks!
We were entertained in Show and Tell today. Our first speaker told us all about her Daddy's job and we saw some of her wonderful colouring in with a very fancy crayon pen! We all want one!  Then our next speaker performed 'Let it go' on her recorder! 

Our class pet (toy) went missing.  There is only one person ready for the job....PC Michael to the rescue!  Luckily, PC Michael joined us to give us an insight into his role and tell us about what we could do to find our pet.  We learned all about his role and found out just how much of an important job the Police do to help keep us safe and look after us.  Let the mystery continue...


Thanks Michael for helping with our investigation!


The children enjoyed a visit from a Nurse to help us with our topic of Emergency, Emergency.  They were able to use lots of different medical equipment, get their questions answered and even help injured people who may need large bandages/plasters.  Thank you to our nurse for teaching us some basic first aid.  We are all in good hands!  Check out the photo's on our Facebook page.


We were then visited by a GP who showed us her equipment and talked to us about how important it was to look after our bodies.  We know what to do to keep our bodies healthy.  The children used the GP's equipment really well and enjoyed pretending to be doctors themselves.  I think we have some budding doctors and nurses of the future - watch this space!

During ICT, the children used the Easi-Speaks to make their own emergency call recordings.  They could record, play back and delete their messages.











Show and Tell was fun today. We were frightened by a T-Rex visit but it was very informative and I'm glad there are no T Rexs today. We also heard some Arabic. The children were very helpful in explaining to me how to pronounce words properly! 
Well done for your effort in your out of school football and to our child featured in the centre for being chosen for the Golden Book. 
In P.E. the children were great at throwing and catching.  They caught their 'hot potatoes'. 
I wonder what the children are making? Well, they created their own designs for emergency vehicles and are in the early stages of making their models. 
We had a fun morning dancing with our dough disco moves. We stretched, squeezed, squashed, pinched, rolled and passed the dough.  We often use dough to warm up our fingers and upper body muscles ready for writing and other fine motor activities. 

Dial 999 in an Emergency

Does your child know what to do in an emergency? Watch the correct way for children to act if they need to ring 999

in R.E. we have been learning about the Bible. In particular, stories from

the Old Testament. We read in Genesis about Joseph and his coat of many colours. The children were fascinated about how Joseph was helped by God to interpret the dreams and help people. The children designed their own coat of colours and discussed how hard it must have been for Joseph to forgive his family for the way he was treated, but how with God's help, he was able to do this. 


We were quite lucky really as today was also Martin Luther King day. He was a Christian who had a dream and followed this dream. 


We then thought of own own dreams in Circle Time. We did have ones where we wanted to grow up to be superheroes but we decided how we could make a difference to our own lives, other people's and even in the world. The children decided that living together happily and being good friends is the most important and it can sometimes take superhero qualities to help us on our way. 


We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.  







A shape that only has two dimensions (such as width and height) and no thickness.

Squares, Circles, Triangles, Rectangles (oblongs) etc are two dimensional objects.

Also known as "2D".






An object that has height, width and depth, like any object in the real world.

Example: your body is three-dimensional.

Shapes: Cone, Sphere, Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder 

Also known as "3D".


Over the week we have made pizzas and cut them into shapes so that we could talk about the 2D shapes by name and their properties.  We then got to eat the pizza.   Then we created our own shape people, a bit like the story we have been reading.  After all that excitement, we went on a shape hunt to look for 3D shapes and it can be quite tricky to remember their names but we did really well and we were amazed by how many 3D shapes we could find around school - they were everywhere!  Some of the children made buildings using 3D shapes and decided that it wasn't a good idea having cones or spheres at the base of a building.
Problem Solving

In the New Year, children will be encouraged to develop their writing skills by using finger spaces between their words. For those children who are already writing with finger spaces, they are being encouraged to write for lots of different reasons and we often find that they try to rewrite their favourite story which we love reading!


To help children develop their writing, which includes inventive spelling which we love, it doesn't come without hard work and practice both in school and at home. Through our handwriting sessions, we will be continuing to form our letters correctly and in literacy & the continuous provision there will be lots of opportunities to write in different ways and for different reasons.  We will be writing lists, character speech, recounts about past events and posters.


What are you doing at home?  Send us a picture of anything you have done to help your child with their writing so that we can share your ideas with other parents.  

After reading the story of Awesome Man,  we used some awesome language too.  We had to think of own our words to describe the superheroes which we had.


In R.E. we have been learning about The Bible.  We will be learning some of the stories which Jesus heard from the Old Testament including, Daniel, Jonah, Joseph and Moses.


Jonah and the Whale & Daniel and the Lions - Beginners Bible

Jonah and the Whale: Jonah learned that men, and women, and little children, are all precious in the sight of the Lord, even though they know not God.

The Story of Moses - Beginners Bible

Beginners Bible - Encounter a time in ancient Egypt when Baby Moses was plucked from the reeds of the Nile River and grows up to become the hero of the enslaved Israelites.

Joseph and His Brothers - Beginners Bible

The Beginners Bible - After young Joseph receives a splendid coat of many colors from his father, his brothers become jealous and throw him down a well. Captured by slave traders and taken to far away Egypt, Joseph's amazing ability to explain people's dreams helps him survive - and eventually makes him a favourite with the great Pharaoh.

The children enjoyed designed their very own emergency vehicle.  Their ideas were inspired by regular vehicles such as; fire engines, ambulances, police cars, police helicopters, lifeboats and those more unusual ones such as; the batmobile and bumblebee.  From what the designs look like, we might need to get in touch with a production line to get these things on the road!  We can't wait to see what they look like once they have been built.
The children went on a hunt for heroes who were covered in words.  The children had to blend the sounds to read the words and rescue the heroes.