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We have been lucky! Today we received some envelopes all the way from the North Pole, in reply to our letters to Father Christmas. Can you guess what's inside..?

What an amazing day of performances we had of 'Angel Express' today. The children were confident and looked beautiful in their costumes. We heard some brilliant singing and I am sure you were all even prouder than we were! 
We loved the Festive boxes which the children created to represent Christmas time. These helped us in our R.E. work when we learned about Advent. 
After writing our letters to Father Christmas, we took a trip to the local post box to send them all the way to him. It's a shame we don't have any flying reindeer at school!
Happy 5th Birthday. Thank you for your treats!

"We're making lots of silly soup, we're making soup that's silly. We're going to put it in the fridge, to make it nice and chilly."


The Phase 1 phonics group have been thinking of rhyming words. 

In Music, we enjoyed finding the pulse to ‘Roll Alabama’ by Bellowhead. The children said it made them feel ‘happy’, ‘warm inside’ and even ‘I’ve got a bouncy heart’ ❤️ .


The children were fantastic at finding the pulse.  They travelled around the room to the pulse pretending to be animals. We had monkeys, giraffes and even gorillas in our class.


We then sang a song as we found the pulse using instruments & combined our voices with our instruments whilst singing and playing to a steady beat. 

The children were very grateful for their cakes and chocolates which were shared with them. Our children used their manners and showed appreciation to the birthday boy. 
Maths and P.E. at the same time!  How many shapes can you make with your friends?  How many body parts can you balance on?
Oh I wish I was 4 again! Happy Birthday! We got told about presents including a flashing mushroom, walking unicorn, a pink cuddly unicorn (with sparkles on) and even an orange bike with a bell on.
You boys and girls have some wonderful things at home. Every Show and Tell, we are super excited to see the wonderful things you bring in. Thanks girls!
These children can read words better than I can!
Happy 4th birthday. Your friends (and teachers) were very grateful of the treats you brought in so we could share in your celebrations. 

Two more Show and Tells today provided us with some interesting information about fast tracks and balers.  We also found out lots about Shopkins. 

Happy 5th birthday. Yes, another birthday!  Thank you for sharing your cake. 
Reception were able to use the apparatus today in P.E.  They travelled with safety and listened for the key STOP word. They used their bodies in different ways to navigate around the apparatus. 
The children in pre school enjoyed their very first P.E. lesson. They used their bodies to move in different ways including rolling (like sausages!), jumping and hopping. 
Happy 5th Birthday. Thank you for sharing your Top Gear cake. 
Our first P.E. lesson was a big success.  The children got themselves changed in super quick time that both Miss Moosa and I couldn't believe our eyes! We are excited for our next P.E. lesson. 
A fun morning was had by all, getting to know our friends and explore our new environment. 
Our First Day
The children had a great first day. They enjoyed playing with the toys and exploring their new environment. We saw lots of smiles and a LOT of tired faces by the end of the day!
Lucky us - we got to celebrate a 5th birthday on our very first day. Thank you for sharing your cake and treats with us and we wish you a very "Happy Birthday".