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Click here to see photographs of what we have been doing this half term

'Say Cheeeese'!!! We were treated to a photoshoot off one of our little girls who showed us how to use her camera to take photographs of the classroom.  Then, we were visited by a Stoomtrooper who brought his weapon but used it very nicely with us all - it evens lights up! 

We welcomed Sue Allonby to our school today for our WOW week aka write on week. 


Sue he is a storyteller who came into our class and told us an exciting story about Quackling the Duck. 

The children enjoyed joining in with the story

Still image for this video
We met Elsa, the Build a Bear! She was a lovely bear who we took turns in dressing, listening to her sing and feeling her heartbeat. We also met a very, very long snake who apparently eats children and grown ups - so we were told!
This morning we were accompanied by the Year One and Two children on an Autumn walk. We looked for signs of Autumn and collected some of these things for some art work which we will be creating. Thank you to our helpers Mr Holroyd (also acting as a guide) and to Mrs Heffernan for allowing us to see some of the beautiful natural wonders of her garden.  We are so lucky to have a school surrounded by so many of Gods creations. 
In P.E. we pretended we were at the park. We weaved in and out the cones and then dribbled the ball. We went to different stations where we developed these skills. Have a glimpse at some of the photos. 
Our governor, Mr Greenwood very kindly brought in his exciting drone!  We joined in with the Year 1 and 2's to look at a birds eye view of our school, surroundings and even ourselves.  Thank you Mr Greenwood.
We had two more exciting Show and Tell sessions today, where our lovely little girls presented their toys enthusiastically. We had a baby called Sophie come to join us and we even got a turn with the Walkie Talkies.   Thank you again children! 
From dolls to sharks, the children enjoyed listening to two exciting 'Show and Tell' presentations.  We found out about what a baby does, to the type of things sharks like to eat!   Our speakers were very confident and could answer lots of questions about their things from home.

During P.E., the children were being animals and travelled around the hall in different ways, using a different number of body parts. 



What do we need to make 'clean' mud?  Ask the Reception children and they will be able to tell you, and even show you!
Look at us buttering our own toast. As a treat, we get to choose some extra toppings after voting for this as a class.   These have included bananas, strawberries and even chocolate spread!
The Reception children have settled in well to school life!  They are already independent learners.