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Quad Kids Athletics

Everyone in Year 3 and 4 went to an athletics event called Quad Kids at Wilson's Playing Fields.  We all took part in the 50m sprint, 400m run, long jump and the mini vortex howler throw.  We were very proud of the way the children supported and encouraged each other.  Well done Foxes!

Our trip to the Anderton Centre

What an amazing couple of days!  Everyone had such a fantastic time on our residential visit.  We are so proud of all the children.  They challenged themselves to take part in every activity, they helped and supported each other with great teamwork and, most importantly, they tackled everything with a smile!  

Letters from the Palace!

We wrote to Prince Charles after our amazing visit to BAE and we all received a reply!  We were so excited to open the envelopes.  Inside, there was a booklet about the Prince of Wales, an activity sheet and a letter.  What a fantastic keepsake after such a memorable visit!

Look who we met!

Year 3 and 4 had an amazing day out at BAE's new facility, their Academy for Skills and Knowledge (ASK).  Not only did we enjoy a great workshop all about Biomimicry, but we also had a visit from Prince Charles!  He spoke to each group in turn and found out all about our ingenious inventions which included an anteater vacuum cleaner and a turtle shell helmet.  It was certainly a day that we 'll never forget!

Our visit to Hanson Cement

We had a great morning visiting Hanson Cement.  We all loved wearing the hard hats, safety glasses and high vis jackets.  We really felt the part as we toured the site.  We were amazed at the size of the quarry and had plenty of questions to ask.  We enjoyed watching the trucks moving the limestone and over materials around the site and we even saw some fossils in the rock.  We visited the control room and saw all the screens that run the plant.  As we walked under the kiln, we could feel the heat. We remembered so much information from our visit.  Please ask us all about how cement is made!


Making our willow fence.

We had a fantastic, muddy day last Friday, learning how to weave willow to make a fence for our new nature area on the field.  

First, Mrs Hurst showed us how to sort the willow whips into different sizes.  Every part of the willow can be reused.  We then used a spike to put holes into the muddy ground and pushed in the upright willow stakes.  Next, we used longer pieces of willow to make the fence by weaving in and out of the stakes.  It took a lot of hard, muddy work but we enjoyed being outside and learning a new skill.  We even had time to begin a willow Christmas craft!

We still have lots of work to do on our fence.  We are going to meet on a Wednesday lunchtime to carry on weaving!

Tail for a Tale Day

During WOW week, we all came to school with a tail designed to celebrate our favourite book.  Can you guess the stories?

Tim Peake Primary Project

We had a visit from Mr Allcock a Space Ambassador from the Tim Peake Primary Project.  We learnt about gravity, the space station, our solar system and beyond!