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Interviewing Mrs Ruth about Balderstone School in the past.

We found out so much about school life in the past here at Balderstone from our visitor today, Mrs Ruth.  Our classroom didn’t even exist.  In fact, our room was where the toilets were!  Thank you for coming to see us, Mrs Ruth!

Before half term, we enjoyed taking part in Maths Week.  We visited the classroom shop, created and mixed fruit juice cocktails from our own recipes, designed packaging for our Maths Super Ducks and, in our WOW write, we wrote stories about a Maths Curse!  Don’t worry Super Duck came to the rescue!

The Happy Puzzle Company visited school and set us a few challenges.  At first, we thought they were impossible but, with determination and perseverance, we solved them.   We all had a fantastic fun maths week!


Our Art Work

We have been very busy in art making pots out of clay, painting them and then decorating them with mosaic tiles using art from Roman times as our inspiration.  Here are some of our finished masterpieces.

Our Autumn Wander

In English we have been reading poems about autumn.  We went on an autumn wander on the field to look for inspiration for our own poems.