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In 2016/7 our school plans to use our sports funding (£8425) to:

Balderstone wins GOLD!

We are thrilled to be awarded the 'School Games GOLD' award in recognition of our standards and participation in PE and School Sport. Thank you to HRVSSP, all staff, parents and all our wonderful visitors for all of your contributions, support and for and making sports so much FUN for our children.

Whole School Achievements/Impact

· We achieved the GOLD sportsmark award in July 2017 for our sports provision.

· In May 2017, the sports partnership(HRVSSP) ranked us the 5th the most improved school in the Ribble Valley and 4th in their ‘TOP SCHOOLS’ list.

· 85% of our KS2 pupils were engaged in extracurricular sporting activity each week

· 36% of previously non active pupils engaged in extracurricular sporting activity each week

· 40% of our KS2 pupils were engaged in leading, managing and officiating school games

· 100% of our Y6 leavers had represented the school on at least 2 occasions ( or were give the opportunity to) during their time in Y5/6.

· 88% of KS2 children represented school in this academic year


In July 2017, 87.5% of our Y6 pupils left Balderstone School having met the National Curriculum minimum requirements: being able to swim the minimum distance of 25m.

The remaining 12.5% of children made great progress and were able to swim 20 metres after having received booster lessons for 2 terms.


Pupils Can Number of Pupils (16) 
swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres 14
use a range of strokes effectively 14
perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations 16