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What have Governors done during 2015/2016?

Emma James, chair of the governing body, writes:

All of Balderstone St Leonards’ thirteen governors are volunteers.  We work together with school staff to make sure we take the best decisions on how our school is run.

We hold full governing body meetings three times a year.

In between these full meetings we hold regular working subcommittee meetings.  Every governor is on at least one subcommittee.  The subcommittees are: Finance and Staffing, Curriculum and Community, Buildings, Health and Safety, and Standards and Effectiveness. Minutes of these meetings are reported back to the full governing body.

Each governor also has special responsibility for a subject area such as: literacy, numeracy, science, sport, special educational needs etc.  For a full list of governors, and our responsibilities, please see the school website.  We try to participate in the day-to-day life of the school as much as possible.  This enables us to get a feel for the learning environment, to see children’s work and to build strong relationships with the teaching and support staff.

Work that the governing body has undertaken this year includes the following (this is not an exhaustive list!):

  • appointment of a permanent Reception Teacher
  • appointment of a temporary Year 1 and 2 Teacher for the summer term
  • appointment to fill the temporary Assistant Headteacher post for the spring and summer terms
  • starting the recruitment process for a permanent Deputy Headteacher and permanent Year 1 and 2 Teacher
  • contributing to the School Improvement Plan particularly in improving teaching and learning, and in developing leadership at all levels
  • reviewing our school admissions policy, making it clearer and confirming our geographical catchment area. The updated policy is available on our website.
  • setting and monitoring a budget that meets the requirements of the school
  • ensuring the school fulfils its child safeguarding and health and safety requirements
  • setting and measuring performance objectives for our Headteacher
  • Maureen Britcliffe has been organizing, together with staff and parents, the weekly Balderstone Toddler Group
  • Chris Heys, our governor with responsibility for numeracy, has been reviewing how the school plans, teaches and assesses maths
  • Sarah Seedall, our governor with responsibility for science has visited all classes to review science teaching
  • Scott Foster, our governor with responsibility for governor training, has identified relevant training and has kept track of all the courses that we have attended
  • Jonathan Greenwood has been supporting the Headteacher with the development and improvement of our school website
  • Louise Dixon is our newest governor. She has been elected as a parent governor.