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Vision and values


Mission Statement


This school is a part of a strong and vibrant Christian community with a clear mission to inspire in our children a love of God, a love of each other and a love of learning.


Aims of the school


  1. To create a caring and secure environment founded on the principles of the Christian faith, in which children and their families and school staff can develop a feeling of self-worth, show initiative and feel valued as part of the school community.
  2. To promote equal opportunities and to encourage attitudes and values which enable children to recognise the worth of all individuals, regardless of gender, race, creed, disability or age.
  3. To provide an enriching and relevant curriculum which conforms to statutory requirements but also takes account of the needs of the children and the school community.
  4. To provide high quality teaching and learning experiences within a stimulating, challenging and enjoyable learning environment.
  5. To encourage children to behave appropriately in and around school, showing respect for others and for their environment.
  6. To actively encourage a vibrant three way learning partnership between children, teachers and parents or guardians.
  7. To provide active and positive links with the church and the local community and to build relationships globally.